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Nigeria's Government Bans Same sex weddings - 5 year Jail term for Offenders.


In response to the recent rumblings from the gay community in Nigeria, The federal government has clarified its position on "behalf" of the Nigerian people by passing  a bill, banning same sex marriage in Nigeria and making it a punishable offence for anyone commiting this crime or aiding any such relations.

“We believe that despite all the pretencions about this kind of thing, Nigeria is still basically a conservative society."

“We know the values that we hold here as a people and so government decided to say that let us check basically the possible erosion of our value system,” Minister for Information and National Orientation,
--Frank Nweke

This is an excerpt taken from Thisday Newspaper

“state high courts and the Federal high courts have jurisdiction to deal with such offences.Basically, it is unAfrican to have a relationship of the same sex. If you look at the holy books, the Bible and the Koran, it is prohibited. The issue is that we don’t want such incidents to crop up in our nation.
“Things like rallies and relationships or amorous relationships being displayed in public are all included in the bill.
“We all know that marriage is a unique institution between a man and a woman, and this fact is universally acknowledged and it is also contained in the holy books. But in recent times, incidents of marriage or relationships between people of the same sex has been growing in the developed world.

(President Obasanjo and Bishop Akiniola- outspoken anti gay church leader)

“Just in December, this incident crossed over to South Africa, we got worried. President olusegun Obasanjo then thought it fit that we should bring a bill to council, to prohibit the relationship and marriage between people of the same sex. This bill was brought to council today and was passed with certain amendments,” Ojo added.

So you have heard it now !

Basically If you embezzle Billions you go to Jail for 6 months , but if your sexual orientation does not fit the norm in our society, you go directly to jail  for 5 years (No Bail)

according to our  Justice Minister being gay is "unafrican"

Personally I'm not sure about this statement , some African cultures do have gay tendencies and I believe the first place I ever saw a gay person was in Nigeria.

  Chief, Justice Minister  you better check your facts  mate,  just because these things happen underground doesn't mean they do not exist in our society, common now !
read the thisday article here

Updated News article BBC 19th January