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Big Brother comes to Nigeria

06-12-2005 update***** click here for application forms

At last the successful reality TV series "Big Brother" is coming to Nigeria
This Follows several successful editions on Big Brother Africa  usually filmed in SA.


Pan-African pay-TV operator M-Net has announced its plan to screen a new version of the hit reality show Big Brother, this time filmed on location in Nigeria with a Nigerian cast and crew.

The show is to be produced by the Nigerian production team Storm Vision Limited, in association with Endemol Nigeria. Scheduled to run for 91 days, starting in March 2006, Big Brother Nigeria will see 12 Nigerian contestants sharing one home while 68 microphones and 27 cameras capture their lives for a continental television audience. At the end of the competition, after multiple rounds of public voting and contestant elimination, one winner will walk away with a prize of USD $100, 000.

Chairman of Storm Vision Limited Obi Asika says: "The Big Brother concept has worked exceedingly well across the globe with audiences tuning in to follow the romances, conflicts and joys of the contestants. I'm extremely proud that a Nigerian company is at the forefront of bringing this phenomenal TV concept to the country. We will create a production mindful of our audience's needs and we will aim to always entertain them. I believe this production can unify Nigerians and it can give others a better understanding of Nigeria."

The Show became a hit series in Nigeria  and created  home grown celebrities like  Bayo one of the earlier participants in Big brother Africa.

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