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Nigeria International video (episode10)

Happy New Year  everyone!

As always The guys at Nigeria International have come out with episode 10 of the regular video clips.
This time around they have done features both from Nigeria and the US.
I love the power of visuals whilst a picture says a thousand words a video says more ....

Please enjoy and if possible mail a link to your friends so they can see as well.
I  always like to stress it is a good idea to support these sorts of  efforts in our community believe me it is needed.

"We have a huge mountain to climb
- in challenging Nigerians' pervasive scepticism (in and out of the country)
- in finding proper resources to do a quality job (Nigerians deserve as much)
- in spreading the word about this programme to Nigerians around the world.

Efforts and comments like yours go a long way to help. Much appreciated."

Dele Fadahunsi
Managing Editor,
Nigeria International

So please enjoy , and guys keep doing what you do.

Its Time for Nigeria International

Church of Nigeria disowns Gay Activist

Last month in Abuja, a  meeting constituting the largest gathering of lesbian and gay people ever held in Nigeria and the first gathering of gay Anglicans was held.

Presentations were made by Davis Mac-Iyalla an outspoken  gay activist / convener of the national network
who was previously working with the late bishop of Otukpo diocese, the Rt Rev Prof I Ugede., and the Rev Colin Coward, Director of Changing Attitude England.

"I have loved the Anglican Church all my life," Mr. Mac-Iyalla said. "The church leaders can try to claim that we don't exist, but we gay Anglicans of Nigeria will stand up to say we are here."

Davis has always claimed to be part of the Anglican church community, but today The Church of  Nigeria (Anglican Communion)  in Abuja  disowned Davis Mac-Iyalla openly.
The church insisted in a statement issued yesterday in Abuja that Mac-Iyalla ceased to be a member  of the communion since 2003.

The statement signed by its Director of  Communication, Rev. Canon Akintunde  Popoola said that results  of extensive searches revealed that Mac-Iyalla could not be traced to any particular congregation.

I find this particularly interesting because in the past, issues like this would completely be ignored by the Nigerian media.

For the church to come out and make an open statement which in turn gets published by thisday says something about the changing attitude towards these "sensitive" issues in our society.

read more on this in the gay news weblog

Ex Governor Charged with hiring assasins

ChinwokembadThe former governor of Anambra  State Dr. Chinwoke Mbadiniju was arrested charged in Abuja earlier this week for allegedly hiring assassins to kill a political opponent Barnabas Igwe.

The Incident which occur ed in 2002  was a particularly gruesome murder where Barnabas and his wife Abigail where pulled out of a car on their way back from a party, shot , his wife's leg was cut off   with a matchet and the bodies  driven over by the assailants.

Following on going Investigations into the murder , other suspects who were charged with carrying out this crime Implicated the governor and stated he had allegedly paid $35.000 as a bribe to the assassins in Rockview hotel Abuja sometime in 2002.

Chinwoke Mbadiniju pleaded not guilty to the charge and the hearings will continue in January 2007.

Political Assassinations continue to be a problem in Africa, and In Nigeria in particular.
It is used as a tool for intimidating opponents and towards any major elections in Nigeria the rate of politically motivated killings increases es considerably.

The government should take a tougher stand on this issue and deter people from seeing this as a solution for resolving political differences. The Issue is particularly rampant at the local level .

Buba Marwa Arrested and questioned by EFCC

The former Military Administrator of Lagos State, Brigadier-General Buba Marwa has been arrested and questioned by the EFCC (Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) In Abuja regarding his alleged possession of funds looted by Gen. Abacha during his regime .


Former positions held in Government.

Governor of Borno state, 1990-1992
Registrar of Nigerian Defence Academy
Defence Adviser to the Mission of Nigeria to the United Nations, 1993
Military Administrator of Lagos State, 1996-1999

Buba Marwa moved on from his Military career into the Business sector.
He is the owner of Albarka airlines  and is involved in a string of other businesses.

He is also a chairman and on the board of  (DICON )
Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria
owned by the Nigerian Government.

There are also reports in the media that Marwa Is an aspiring presidential candidate for the next 2007 elections .

Read more published reports from various media here , and here

Nigeria International Video

Another video post from Nigeria International/Via

I quite enjoyed this edition because it focused on an Issue very dear to me, people who live abroad
after a while forget some of the positive things about Nigeria and just dwell on the negative.

It is very important to have some kind of balanced view of what is going on in Nigeria.
With good professional experience/creativity, coming back home and establishing in Nigeria presents very challenging but rewarding opportunities especially for Nigerians abroad -  I EMPHASISE ABROAD IN THIS CASE BECAUSE the people at home who can, are already doing it.

DO NOT ! be misguided though! as they say   "IT IS NOT EASY !" it is not an easy feat and it is not for the faint hearted , but once you overcome the initial obstacles of trying to operate in Nigeria

NEPA, Fuel scarcity, ever increasing prices, dealing with human Interface - for most automated processes- e.g  Ignorant gate man, cyber cafe attendant , shop attendants at the cash registers of all
Indian and Lebanese supermarkets in Abuja etc.

Once you get the hang of all this, you realise you are home the rest of the world describes it as developing, well , in that case if you are coming from London or New york etc  it is all developed, but your home land is developing so there is ample room for development , you jump in and become part of the solution.

We hear from Buki Opebiyi

and also  a returnee whose 2 weeks visit turned to a permanent trip Tolu Lawal is now enjoying relocating back to Nigeria and is optimistic about the prospects.

Kelechi Obi also shared his insight with us -I love his passion his works and the fact that he is doing it  I can relate very much, especially in Nigeria as I said Some people are all action whilst some others just wonder What happened or criticise ... just jump in and do your own.

Kelechi also touched on Piracy and how the industry needs to be more enlightened about paying the fees and royalties, copyright issues  and keeping the creativity within the industry by appreciating home grown talent.

What can I say .... The journey of a thousand miles starts with a step . It will happen someday!

Please enjoy the episode and how ever you can encourage these guys to keep up the positive work. please do so.













Dariye the clock is ticking...

The UK government is to release the N26.3 Million found on Governor  Dariye back to the Nigerian government  if he does not appeal against it. (what do you think?)

That was the amount found on him what about his bank accounts and assets in London?


Meanwhile  things are warming up again for  Joshua Dariye the state house of assembly will investigate
some of the charges brought up by the EFCC , if found guilty he could be impeached also ...

Update-- Remember the lady who was initially reported to have been with the governor when he was arrested Ms. Christabel Bentu.

She is suing the EFCC for N200 million for unlawful detention.

On a very different note I just noticed a link to the metropolitan Police website which had Joshua Dariyes arrest  warrant  has gone dead Hmmm!  magic happens everywhere ! here is a link to
The UK PARLIAMENT WEBSITE  where back in Febuary the issue of Joshua Dariye's Money laundry
case was debated.

Nigerian Media "Sucks"

This would have made an even  greater  headline in the papers.

The doyen of Nigerian journalism and former Managing Director of the Daily Times of Nigeria, Alhaji Babatunde Jose on his 80th birthday lecture, yesterday in Lagos lamented the falling standard of journalism; a profession he practised for over 40 years.-

How true ! I think all the media outlets in Nigeria should listen carefully to their own and begin to up the ante just A little.

Go back to the old days of proper investigative journalism/analysis in Nigeria.

(Think... Rueben Abati, Ray Ekpu and Dele Giwa.
Think... Alhaji Ajose, Allah De, Gbolabo Ogunsanwo Ohonbamu and Awojobi of the University of Lagos.
Think ...  Tony Enahoro, Peter Pan, Wole Soyinka, Tai Solarin,  and the late Bisi Onabanjo alias Aiyekoto, Oniororo  and remember

John Momoh,Ruth Benamaisa and Ronke Ayuba .)


If not then please just transfer all journalistic responsibility over to
" Ovation Magazine"

at least even with   low journalistic Integrity, Dele Momodu (Bob Dee) can still make "crap" look good.

read the vanguard story here

Obasanjo Grounds Airliners, Sacks 2 Senior Aviation Officials

The Aviation Summit taking place in Abuja ended today.

The President has called on Top government Officials in the aviation sector to address the publics concern over the aviation sector.


"People are asking when will this stop? How will this stop?" Obasanjo told representatives of local and international airlines gathered with government and emergency officials in the capital, Abuja. "And we have to answer these questions."

Preliminary reports are indicating President Obasanjo has  grounded Sosoliso and Chachangi airlines  (The 2 airlines are popular and regarded as generally safe compared to some)with immediate effect.

This was based on  a recent intelligence report,  highlighting  wide spread corruption and  poor safety regulation in the aviation sector in Nigeria.

2 Senior aviation officials were also Dismissed following these  recent Aviation tragedies in Nigeria.

It appears the aviation Industry is to undergo some sweeping reforms immediately.

Read more here

Found In translation -Global voices

Guardian Unlimited UK has an interesting article on global voices and the just recently concluded conference in London. It describes as the United Nations of blogging.

Global Voices On line, set up 12 months ago to offer an on line guide to international blogs beyond North America and western Europe, is sponsored by the Berkman Centre for Internet and Society at Harvard's law school. The not-for-profit team of volunteer blogger-contributors from around the globe tracks the growing community of "bridge bloggers" - people who are writing about their country or region to a global audience, usually in English - and summarise the debates taking place within their own blogging communities- Guardian Unlimited.

The article summarises the growth of blogs globally and its effects in different  Individual countries like Iran, China and Nigeria.

Our very own Sokari Ekine  OF  Black looks was mentioned in the article, I must add at this point congratulations Sokari and thanks for the contribution you are making to the blogging community in general  INCLUDING  OUR  VERY OWN  NAIJA corner (representing!) -you are appreciated keep up the good work.

And to all the Nigerian bloggers keeping the conversation generally interesting maybe we can begin to impact change.

Read  more of the complete guardian article here

4 of the 7 rescued passengers Have Died

Four out of the seven survivors on the tragic Sosoliso airline have now died in hospital.
Our hearts go out to all families affected by this tragedy.

The plane crashes in such a short period of timein Nigeria  is unacceptable and like everything else real steps  have to be taken to ensure these kinds of accidents are prevented.

It has been announced that the President is Holding an emergency aviation meeting in Abuja on tuesday.

Read a complete report here from