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How to Wreck a Good Thing

This happened before and was linked to a software glitch.
The point here is the blog aggregator for Nigerian blogs I think is a great idea as I have said many times , but when subtle  censorship of some of the blogs begin to occur then that is an entirely different ball game.

Weblogs are designed to be varied and opinionated, in the context of a Nigeria community type blog ring  there will always be those blogs that remain outside the mainstream. (if not all the blogs will soon begin to sound like the newspapers do today )

Here is an example of an earlier blog post from cyblug


And So in the revised edited feed you notice the cyblug post have all disappeared again
" Haba Abokina !" software glitch?

To avoid these kinds of problems it is advisable to "TAG" all your posts .

In this case I can assign multiple tags to my current post e.g  weblogs, Nigeria .

This way when all else fails if people are searching recent blog posts on Nigeria your blog gets picked up by all the blog aggregators .

Terry Waya Arrested in London

The Metropolitan Police of London arrested flamboyant businessman of Nigerian origin, Terry Waya. The businessman was arrested in his North London home last week. (read the complete write up )

He was arrested on charges of money laundering. You may recall that the London-based businessman played a big role in the bail process of fugitive Governor of Bayelsa State, DSP Alamieyeseigha. Terry Waya was reported to have deposited about five hundred thousand pounds (£500,000.00) to secure bail for the Bayelsa Governor

Terrywaya2As predicted earlier, the business man has begun to make local news headlines.  Read  his story here in a recently published article in the Nigerian tabloid the Sun.

Historic first meeting for gay Nigerian Christians

A  first ever general meeting of a network of lesbian and gay Christians took place in Nigeria this past weekend – defying harassment from the authorities and condemnation from church leaders like the outspoken Nigerian Anglican primate, Archbishop Peter Akinola.Peter_akinola1

Around a thousand delegates were due to attend the gathering at the National Art Council in Abuja including 100 lesbian and 900 gay members of Anglican churches from every part of Nigeria.

The Issue of gay and lesbians in Nigerian society remains a taboo subject  recently ,the Nigerian Anglican primate, Archbishop Peter Akinola has been making headlines due to his outspoken views on the issue .

Click here to read more

Nigeria governor 'skips UK bail'-suprise! suprise!

The BBC   has confirmed that the governor of Bayelsa state has fled the UK, where he was charged with laundering £1.8m ($3.2m) found in cash and bank accounts.


Diepreye Alamieyeseigha is back at work in his home state of Bayelsa, officials say.
They came to work and he was there apperantly God brought him there ! If you remeber earlier in a post on this blog     by the monkey on a payroll this scenario was already laid out  out  for those who chose to see.

Conclusion:  In Nigeria and many parts of the world , "God" (The almighty Dollar , Pounds and Nairass) works in mysterious ways.

NB:Dont hold your breath for the interviews, advertising deals and product endorsements.

comming soon to an airport near you  AIR WAYAS ! -City Boy

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Nigerian Looters, Heres looking at you!

Maybe I’m not very bright, being an ape, But sitting up in my tree waiting for my back pay, It occurred to me that in every government world wide, Employees of the state from president to prime minister to senator to basic government employee there are documents listing the stipulated remuneration packages for public servants that are available to be scrutinised by all.

I have to say that Nigerian Government Remuneration packages must be amongst the most comprehensive and competitive in the world. ( eat your heart out Goldman sachs! ) Talk about a basic local salary plus international annual bonuses( a couple of Billion Pounds from the state coffers plus junior civil servants and parastatals unpaid salaries in your personal accounts accuring interest inclusive). Then the benefits such as Local and International Accommodation (Abuja government quarters, Knightsbridge and Kensington Mansions paid for in full, children’s private school fees inclusive), Travel Allowance ( first class commercial, private jet, Lamborghinis, Bentleys, porsches etc plus spouses shopping trips to London, Milan, Dubai etc inclusive) International Private Banking Facilities and Pension Plan ( think of the biggest banking names world wide – their discretion and your privacy guaranteed – numbered accounts inclusive) Medical Schemes (Harley Street Specialist treatment - Nip and Tuck inclusive). Staff Training, Conferences and Workshops ( going on the same irelevant course ten times on the trot but not learning a thing plus putting up in five star hotels worldwide with girlfriends inclusive) Press conferences and PR exercises (the whole top end government being photographed at someone’s child’s wedding party during office hours – Food, drink, Wedding dress, suits, armed guards and convoy inclusive – wedding speeches? Terrible! ) And the most important of all? An Empty Department Portfolio (basically look busy, make lots of noise and remind everybody that you are the big guy! Adoration and awe of the masses inclusive)

On this note, I give you the world banks list of Nigerian Over Achievers (Though they “World bank” are denying it or distancing themselves from it) It May be genuine or it may be false., But we all know that there is no smoke without fire , so……... Furthermore, all over the net for the past month this issue has been raging, Even though I’m a primate, I do like to put a face to a name so when they come hunting around my tree I know who I’m running from.

PS:OGA! Pay A Monkey Now!


Ibb_1 GEN IBRAHIM BABANGIDA    6.25bn    7.41bn    2.00bn    9.00bn

Abubak_1 GEN ABUBAKAR    1.31bn    2.33bn    800M      

Mike_1 REAR ADMIRAL MIKE AKHIGBE    1.24bn    2.42bn    671M    1bn

Useni_1 GEN JERRY USENI    3.04bn    2.01bn    1.01bn    900M

ALH ISMAILA GWARZO    1.03bn    2.00bn    1.3bn    700M

Dikko_1 ALH UMARU DIKKO    4.5bn    1.4bn    700M    345M

Ogwuma_1 PAUL OGWUMA    300M    1.42bn    200M    500M

Sani_1 GEN SANI ABACHA    9.01bn    4.09bn    800M    3.01M

Moabacha_1 MOHAMMED ABACHA    300M    1.2bn    150M    535M

Abdabacha_1 ABDULKADIR ABACHA    700M    1.21bn    900M    471M

Nas_1 ALHAJI WADA NAS    600M    1.32bn         300M

Ikimi_1 TOM IKIMI    400M    1.39bn    152M    371M

DAN ETETE    1.12bn    1.03bn    400M    1.72bn

Eteibet_1 DON ETIBET    2.5bn    1.06bn    700M    361M

Almusta_1 MAJ AL MUSTAPHA    600M    1.001bn         210M

Ani_1 ANTHONY ANI    2.9bn    1.09bn    360M    1.66bn

BASHIR DALHATU    2.3bn    1.001bn    161M    1.43bn

Wushishi_1 GEN WUSHISHI    700M    1.301bn          

Adamu_1 ALH HASSAN ADAMU    300M    200M    700M      

Danjuma_1 T Y DANJUMA    300M    200M    700M      

Bamaiyi_1 GEN ISHAYA BAMAYI    120M    800M          



Because for some, this is a Celebration of Africa

Obo_1 Comment by the Monkey on the Payroll

NIGERIA : Ogbeh, Rimi, others face PDP probe panel

Ogbeh_1 Abuja — IMMEDIATE past national chairman of the ruling People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Audu Ogbeh; a member of the party’s Board of Trustees, Alhaji Lawal Kaita; and former Deputy National Chairman (South), Alhaji Shuaibu Oyedokun, are to appear before the party’s disciplinary committee inaugurated yesterday to enforce discipline.  read more here Rimi2_1

AIDS funds at risk due to poor accounting

ABUJA, Nigeria  - Nigeria risks losing millions of dollars in funding to help fight HIV/AIDS, which has infected more than 3.5 million Nigerians, because of authorities' failure to meet targets and lack of transparency, a major donor said.

This has been a constant ongoing issue in Nigeria. Like the system being introduced by the ministry of Finance regarding resource allocations to State governmement etc , I believe similar laws should be adopted in Nigeria where NGO's publish thier Financial records or at least openly publish detailed accounts  of what they have done with funds donated to them yearly. This will help with the transparency issue currently threatning to ruin advances being made in the combat againt HIV and AIDS

read more here .