Governor Diepreye Alamieyeseigha still locked up
End of the road for Nigerian 419 e-mails.

Terry Wayas Posts Bail for Baleysa State Governor

Terry Wayas, Nigerian Business man and Alumni is posting bail to the tune of £500,000 for the Incarcerated Governor of Baleysa State.

It seems that Terry Wayas is playing the Good Samaritan riding to the rescue of the beleaguered Governor.

I suppose that £500K is a small amount to invest upfront for international news coverage on his part. Just think, the whole world will know that Terry Wayas has £500K available to lose, and he is good for it when, if bail is granted, the said governor skips town.

But on the other hand he would probably make ten times that back from the said governor in payment and / or contracts in gratefulness for the service provided. Plus even further international air play. Imagine, the headline would read; "Nigerian State Governor Jumps Bail"  "…..Bail was posted by businessman Terry Wayas in good faith……" "…Terry expressed his shock at the incident saying….." "…..I was not expecting this…"

He could even get CNN airplay, BBC interviews, advertising deals, prod ct endorsements. Next thing you know He will be the front man for Coca Cola and Nike ( AIR WAYAS )

All of this would not compare to the added local kudos.

What can I say? Sharp Guy! A really sound business opportunity

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