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Cosmetic Surgery-"It's like committing the biggest copyright fraud against their creator."

Is cosmetic surgery worth the risk?

The BBC is currently trying to gain the opinion of the public , in this case, mostly Africans with regards   to Cosmetic surgery in general following the death of our fisrt lady Mrs Stella Obasanjo.

Personally I believe there are instances where it can be justified e.g if mutilated by an accident or disease or for treating certain conditions where  people are born with defects or serious problems that affect their ability to lead happy lives.

Not every one agrees...

"It's like committing the biggest copyright fraud against their creator." says Sajin,  a Nigerian in Ethiopia.

What are your views ?

To read more visit the BBC website click here

Private broadcasters AIT , forced off-air after reporting

Nigerian authorities ordered the country's         leading independent broadcast network off the air today, in part because         the network's reports on Saturday's deadly Bellview Airlines crash included         details that had not been officially released.


Daar Communications group's         African Independent Television (AIT) and its radio network, RayPower FM,         complied with the order but were back on the air by early evening following         negotiations with the government, sources told the Committee to Protect         Journalists.

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Nigeria a "Digital Dump" for old Computers.

Many of our own people contribute to this menace both knowingly and unknowingly so next time you meet a business man who imports 2nd hand computers from abroad, think about this .....

The new york times published this article on Digital Dumping


A new investigation by the toxic trade watchdog organization, Basel Action Network (BAN), has revealed that large quantities of obsolete computers, televisions, mobile phones, and other used electronic equipment exported from USA and Europe to Lagos, Nigeria for “re-use and repair” are ending up gathering dust in warehouses or being dumped and burned near residences in empty lots, roadsides and in swamps creating serious health and environmental contamination from the toxic leachate and smoke.

more of the article

or  read the engadget blog post here but if you really have time read the comments on that blog

Spain repatriates body of Nigerian first lady Stella Obasanjo

Spain on Monday repatriated to Nigeria the body of Nigerian first lady Stella Obasanjo, who died after under going treatment at a cosmetic surgery clinic in a Spanish resort town.


The plane carrying the embalmed body of Obasanjo left from the southern city of Malaga to Nigeria's capital Abuja around 7pm (1700 GMT), said a spokesman of the Nigerian Embassy in Madrid. He added that Nigerian's ambassador in Madrid Kingsley Ebengi was aboard to return the body back home.

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List of passengers aboard the Crashed Bellview Boeing 737 airliner

By Gboyega Akinsanmi, 10.23.2005                          Rip                                             

1. Abubakar Hauwam S.
2. Ardo Hamza Baba
3. Adomakoh A. Mr.
4. Aknni T.O. Mr.
5. Adegoke A.S Mr.
6. Adedoyin O. Mr.
7. Ani F. Mr.
8. Akinola A.R. Mr.
9. Adele L. Mr.
10. Ango A. Mr.
11. Aigbokhai A.O. Mrs.
12. Afolabi Roberts Mr.
13. Adamu A. Ms.
14. Argngu Abubakr M. Mr. (Postmaster General)
15. Agharrtite T. Mr.
16. Adebayo A.S Mr.
17. Adelekan P. Mr.
18. Akinbola B. Mrs.
19. Ayeni K. Mr.
20. Awawa I. Mr.
21. Babalola B. Mrs.
22. Boro Danlandi Mr.
23. Briamah B. Mrs.
24. Brother Grebe Jean Paul (CHLD)
25. Bakare A.M. Mr.
26. Borbor A.M. Mr.
27. Bebeji R. Mr
28. Conteh S. Mr
29. Chijoke Bravo Dr.
30. Dagaci S.
31.Daba M. Mr.
32. Diapara C.O. General
33. Edewur J. Mr.
34. Etim R.
35. Enenmoh George Engr. (MD, ASCON)
36. Ezenkwu I. Mr.
37. Esiriyiwa Ms.
38. Ejike N. Mr.
39. Emorrhokpor P.U. Mrs.
40. Egwake J.
41. Egbe C. Mr.
42. Eneware S. Mr
43. Goana B. Mr.
44. Grieves Martins Mr.
45. Hayford B.J. Mrs
46. Haydon Joseph
47. Imasuen M. Ms.
48. Igbiye Udu Mr.
49. Inedu I.O. Mr.
50. Ibrahim U. Mr.
51. Igweh J. Chief
52. Idienumah G.S. Mr.
53. Jubril Y.A. Mr.
54. Jimoh L. Mr.
55. Kinsley Akor F. Mrs.
56. Kinsley Akor Mr.
57. Lasisi Olawale Mr.
58. Mohammed M. Mr
59. Michael A. Mrs.
60. Mesoko S. Mr.
61. Mlaguda M. Mr.
62. Mansah S.N.A. Mr.
63. Muhammed Oumar A.B. Mr.
64. Njie Eho Mr.
65. Moru J. Mr.
66. Nize I.O. Chief
67. Okaisabor O. Mr.
68. Oninide D. Mr.
69. Oninide N. Mrs.
70. Olaniyan R. Mrs.
71. Okogwu V. Mrs.
72. Olugbo Nkeiru Mrs.
73. Olumekun J.J. Mr.
74. Okoli Chukwuemeka Mr.
75. Okolo Uche Mr.
76. Oladeji M. Ms.
77. Ofuokwu C. Mr.
78. Obi Mrs.
79. Omang O. Mr.
80. Obiogbolu C.M. Mrs.
81. Olowolayemo G. Mr.
82. Omotade O.A. Mr.
83. Ogbuwaluzor O.G. Mr.
84. Odartey Lamtey E. Mr.
85. Obengamanquah M. Mr.
86. Peter Mann Andreas Mr.
87. Quaye E. Mr.
88. Queen Mr.
89. Raji A.R. Engr.
90. Salihu B. Dr.
91. Shaahu D.P.I Mr.
92. Steven Bayo Mr.
93. Sarah Eshun
94. Sokenu M. Mrs. - (Peoples Bank)
95. Sabulu L.A Mr.
96. Techie Micheal S.R Mr.
97. Thomas S. Mrs.
98. Umaru Hassan Alh.
99. Udeka John Mr. - MD ACB
100. Unokesan Grec Mr.
101. Uriri S. Mr.
102. Umasabor O.A. Mr.
103. Umar A.M. Mr.
104. Uwagboe F. Mr.
105. Uko P.C. Mr.
106. Uyanwune I. Mr.
107. Usman Y. Ms.
108. Wandi A. Mr.
109. Wemuna W. Mrs.
110. Yau S.C. Mr.
111. Yapi Attou Veronique Mrs.
112. Waziri Mohammed

Captain Imasuen Lambert - Okada, Albarka, very experienced
F/O Eshun Ernest

Cabin Crew
Etim Victoria
Ukuwelah Lulu
Queen Ozekhome

Engineer Sanni Steve

This List was published in the thisday website, please note  passenger lists sometimes do vary from actual passengers on board  due to  last minute availability of seats being  issued on a first come  basis.

Profiles of some of the dead can also be found here